Summer Training Information

Good Places To Roller-Ski

Lots of high-quality trails through beautiful Elm Creek. Mostly smaller rolling hills but a few big hills too. Similar to Elm Creek in the winter but significantly more kilometers.

Decent trails similar in quality to Louisiana Oaks or the Cedar Lake Trail. Constant rolling hills. Great 10 kilometer loop.

This has a 1km loop of flat trail around the baseball felids and connects to the greater metro area trail system via the Ceder Lake trail.

Best place in SLP to ski on hills. The trails are not as high quality as some otehr parks, but it is close and has some good hills to get some V1 practice.

River Road

Both east and west river road have excellent trails that are wide, smooth, hilly at times, and flat in other parts. Across the streat from Annie Young Meadow there is an great hill that is one of the best in the metro area for roller-skiing.

The Greenway

Many miles of flat trails, great for long skis but can be crowded at times.

Cedar Lake Trail

Similar to The Greenway, the Ceder lake trail is very flat. You can get on at Dakota Park, Aquila, Texa Tonka Park, and Nelson Park and it eventually connects up with the greenway.

A variety of good trails with some hills.

So you want to start skiing in the summer...

Here is an article from Gear West that outlines the basics of rollerskiing including safety advice and links to purchase roller-skis. Your captains are happy to help answer further questions that you might have!

Summer Training Clubs