Coaching Team





Doug Petersen

Head Coach

Coach Doug was born in SLP and then moved to Hopkins, where he attended Eisenhower High School.  He graduated with a class of 80 and was a three sport athlete. After highschool he attended UWRF and received a bachelor of fine arts degree. His first Nordic experience was with Pat Lanin and his Nordic team. Doug got involved in Nordic at SLP in 97-98 and spent two years as assistant coach under Jim Gulstrand, who "taught me all I needed to know about high school coaching". Doug has coached at SLP for 26 years. "If it wasn’t for a few great individuals, teachers in high school, my life would have been much different. Being a coach at SLP has been the best experience of my life as long as it remains that way I will keep coaching as long as I am useful. 

Today is the day to do something right."


Brian Houts

Assistant Coach

Brian has been skiing for 20 plus years and this will be his third year of coaching at St. Louis Park.  He loves to encourage skiers and to help skiers develop the skills they need to succeed.  If you ask Brian for the key to success in Nordic he will tell you three words:  "Time On Skis"


Assistant Coach

Kara Bancroft

Assistant Coach

Kara has been teaching 5th graders at Susan Lindgren to ski for over 20 years and is excited to share her love of skiing with the SLP high school team this year. She is thankful for the amazing coaches she has been able to work with over the years, and hopes to carry on in their tradition by making all skiers feel seen, supported, and celebrated as they reach for personal bests this year. 


SLP Nordic Captains, All Years