Nordic Equipment


Remember: When buying ski equipment from a store, be sure to mention you are a high school skier! You usually get 10-15% off.

SLP Nordic team will provide race suit and necessary ski passes to athletes. 

Required Ski Gear

Important Personal Gear

A. Base Layer (top and bottom); Mid Layer (top); Outer Layer

B. Warm socks (not cotton)

C. Gloves or mittens

D. Neck gaiter / buff / scarf

E. Goggles / sunglasses

F. Winter hat

On Required Ski Gear:

Where to Find Equipment:

Information About Equipment:

Skis (classic and skate + Bindings)

Poles (different heights for classic and skate)

Ski Boots (classic and skate or “combi" boots which can be used for both)

Ski Wax


Ski Bag

Bags are critical for transporting, protecting and keeping track of your equipment.  Most ski shops sell cheap canvas/nylon bags and you can look for used ones online.  Make sure to mark your contact information on your bag to identify it, as many skiers all have the same bag.

Important Personal Gear:

What kind of boots do I have?

Take a look at the Facebook page for the SLP Nordic Gear Exchange to see if there are available ski gear items that you may need.