Pasta Party!


Pasta Parties are team events that occur at the home of the skiers. The idea behind them is to have an opportunity for the skiers to interact in a social setting other than at practice or a race, as well as to “carbo load” the night before a race or time trial. The team also tries to schedule one over winter break.

The dates are chosen at the beginning of the season by the coach and the booster club.  Generally there are 3-4 parties per season.

A sign-up genius will be sent out the week before the event to all of the families.

When you sign up to bring an item to the party, please make sure it is prepared in advance: salad is made and in a bowl, food is cooked and ready to serve with appropriate serving wear. Also, make sure to label any dishes or utensils you leave at the home of the host.

Look at the sign up genius to find out how much of something you need to bring. The number of participants on the team changes from year to year as does how much of each item is required: some items are split up, others are for the whole team.

If you host an event, please have someone available to receive the food an hour before the event begins. You may need to provide serving utensils or bowls etc. You will also need to have space for the whole team to eat- it doesn’t have to be a dining room table, but make sure you are comfortable with them eating where there is space.

Most of the other items will be brought to your home and you will not need to provide anything else unless you sign up.